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Ramon's a bit nervous about this visit. Not only because of the conversation with Dworkin, but the 'little visitor' that had been promised in the last letter. Still, he gets to see Random again and that's worth anything.

So, here he his. Late at night, tired but happy with anticipation. He can't keep his mind off the Trump in his pocket.
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He'd stayed down in the bar for as long as he could manage. To stay awake any longer would have required the drugs he'd brought with him (the ones sitting on the dresser right now, unopened), but he's been leary of using them in case this all gets resolved quickly and he can go home.

So he'd given in finally and crashed, just about managing to get his clothes off before passing out in bed. It's been good sleep - but now, as he drifts towards wakefulness, it seems to him that it's a little harder to breath than it was when he first came upstairs.

Eyes flicker open blearily, he blinks a few times...before realising that the source of the problem is a familiar head resting on his chest, breathing deeply. Ramon smiles and winds a hand into his hair as he lays his head back on the pillow. But he keeps his eyes on him, already feeling better for simply having him near. It seems a shame to try and wake him but he's curious as to what he's doing here.

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Ramon's waiting around by the stables, smoking a cigarette and trying to keep warm. The animal had arrived an hour ago and he'd stayed with it to make sure it wasn't freaked - which it was, because rides through Shadow tend to do that to a creature.

Still, he's settled down now and Ramon's just waiting for Gorlim to show up so he can introduce him to his Christmas present.

Bastard's late.
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Ramon's been a little busy, recently. There's been some interest, from a certain party, in the product that made him very rich and very powerful.

So while Random's otherwise occupied, Ramon's in their old room in the bar, taking the chance to cut some more from his pure supply.

He works fast. He's good at this sort of thing.
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The sleep had been dreamless. Unfortunately, being awake brought everything back.

Ramon opens his eyes slowly, unwilling to come back to a realiy that hurts so much. There's a moment of panic when he realises that Random isn't there with him because he can't deal with the idea of being alone right now. He sits up...and sees him, sitting on the end of the bed, looking like he hasn't slept at all.

He still can't find any words. Not after last night. He just reaches a hand for him and hopes he won't be turned away.
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He's alone again and doesn't like it. After a month of being in the cell, he's tired of solitude. Random has just slipped out to get something to eat, he knows he wont be long. But still, in the meantime, he sits and tries not to let the walls close in.

All the same, he's not that happy about the knock on the door. It could be anyone and he doesn't exactly have a lot of friends around this place. So for a moment, he just looks up and doesn't move.


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