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Name:Ramon Salazar
Birthdate:Jan 26
’He doesn’t respond to physical interrogation. We can't threaten him - he doesn't care for another living soul, not even his own children. He is a man without vulnerability.’

-- Jack Bauer


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Ramon is an Hispanic male in his mid-forties. He's about 5' 10" tall, black hair and black eyes, with an almost permanent smirk on his face. He does, in fact, run a very powerful drug cartel with his younger brother Hector, one that has extensive links with terrorists in other countries. It was this fact that brought him to the attention of the Counter Terrorist Unit in the United States, which in turn, led to the business being infiltrated by CTU agent Jack Bauer. Jack befriended Ramon, gained his trust and then promptly arrested him and took him to the US to face charges.

Unfortunately for Jack, it turned out he needed Ramon. When news of a weaponized virus came to his attention, the only way he could gets his hands on it was to offer the Salazars as potential buyers. In a convoluted plot devised by Jack and two other agents, Ramon was broken out of federal prison, taken to Mexico and reunited with Hector. After much suspicion and double-crossing (that included Ramon killing his brother), Ramon himself was killed, blown up by a bomb hidden in a fake vial of the virus that he held in his hands.

He is a highly ruthless individual, described by Jack on one occasion as 'A man without vulnerability.' He cares for nothing and no one except money and power, however, it is generally thought that he used to hold Jack in high regard. Since his betrayal, he is fuelled by anger, pure hatred and a lust for revenge which sometimes clouds his judgement. In normal circumstances though, he is an extremely intelligent man, resourceful, quick-thinking and an astute businessman. He is completely devoid of morals, likes women, big cigars, strong liquor and will use anything and anybody exactly as he pleases.

Ramon will be coming to Milliways from prison, a month and a half before his demise.

Note: he speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese - his mun, unfortunately, does not.

Milli!canon update, circa: April 2009: Ramon has undergone a few changes during his years at Milliways. He now has an extended lifespan due to taking a job as protector of Arithon s'Ffalenn (it's all very complicated). He will not age until he has spent five hundred years on Arithon's worlds. He is not, however, immortal. He can still be killed by conventional methods.

In an effort to protect himself against his many enemies, he also has a backup defence mechanism. If you get him angry enough - like, beserker angry - he will turn into a huge black panther. This was a gift to him by the goddess Hel and he also carries her blessing. He cannot choose to turn into a cat; it triggers automatically when his rage takes over completely. When in this form, it's extremely difficult to kill him - a bullet, for example, would leave no more than a bruise. He does keep his own mind when he's a panther, so he won't go on any random murdering rampages but keep in mind that he has to be really angry to get into that state, so if your pup has provoked him to that degree, then they wont want to stick around to feel the strength of his jaws around their head. Unless approved OOC'ly, of course. :)

On a personal note, he met Random of Amber two weeks after coming to the bar and they've been together ever since. They've been living together but Random had to go home to Amber a year ago and he hasn't seen him since. They're still together in his head but he is, at the moment, acting as though he's a free agent. Ladies look out!

[Disclaimer: Ramon Salazar is from 24 and is the property of 20th Century Fox and Real Time Productions. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. I do not know and am not affiliated in any way with the actor (Joaquim de Almeida) who portrayed him so well on 24. Ramon is played by [info]fightingthecage]
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