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It's been another long drive, through Spain and the South of France and then the long route, into Italy and moving North into Switzerland. It takes longer but means that he can avoid Geneva, which is probably a good thing at the moment as there will be plenty of UN officials with his picture in their offices just now. He doesn't give it much thought though; the scenery has been pretty spectacular for the whole journey, turning from balmy warmth in France to snow and frigid air as they climb the mountains in Switzerland.

It's been a nice day. He's even let Fi drive for half of it. Still, he's pretty glad to pull up in front of their cabin. It's part of an exclusive resort, about half a mile above a picture-postcard village and secluded by the presence of towering pine trees around three sides of it. He grins as they walk into the warmth; everything's wood and fur rugs and a blazing open fire. One wall is mostly glass, huge doors opening out onto a balcony (and an outdoor hot tub) that overlooks a ski slope down to the edge of the houses and hotels.

'Not bad.'
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He'd had no idea how much he'd missed Latin America until he was back. Two days in Argentina's capital city has done more to make him feel like himself than anything else ever could, short of going home.

Of course, he's seeing the place differently than he would normally. They're in a dirt-cheap motel in a part of the city that's practically a slum, a fact born out by the small and grimy accomodations, the noise of people screaming at each other two floors above and the way ths streets outside are filled with pushers, hookers and pimps.

Ramon loves it. He feels thirty years younger. He knows this sort of life, though he's far removed from it now. But it's nice to visit and be reminded of what he came from, he's finding.

It's early and Random's still sleeping in the rickety old bed; he can hear him breathing as he stands in the bathroom, dressed in worn out jeans and a white beater, with damp hair curling in the heat and shaving with the aid of a cracked and dirty mirror. His thoughts make him smile to himself sarcastically - he may feel younger but even a broken mirror tells him that he's not eighteen any more.

But it's OK. In the span of the life he's going to have, he's still young. And there's a city out there right now, close enough to home to be comforting, familiar enough to be enjoyed. And Random in their bed, which is enough to make any day good.
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Ramon is rather enjoying himself. It's been years since he's been to Portugal and quite a lot has changed. But that's irrelevant - all that matters right now is that it's hot and there's been a relaxing afternoon at their luxury hotel, a nice swim, a good dinner...and now he's ready to go out and have some fun.

'Ready yet Random?'


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