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He doesn't sleep deeply, though it's peaceful. When he wakes, he's more desperate than ever to get clean and she seems to be flat out, so he slips out from underneath her and heads into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, he's in a bathrobe and making more coffee; five minutes after that, he's back in bed, smoking a cigarette quietly and waiting for her to wake up.
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He sleeps late. It was a long day yesterday and it had taken longer than normal to drop off, after the uneasy way they ended the day.

When he wakes, it doesn't seem to matter. It's Christmas and he's determined not to purposefully spoil it with problems that are miles away right now. So his arms reach for her and he closes his eyes, smiling a little, trying to doze off again.
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It's been another long drive, through Spain and the South of France and then the long route, into Italy and moving North into Switzerland. It takes longer but means that he can avoid Geneva, which is probably a good thing at the moment as there will be plenty of UN officials with his picture in their offices just now. He doesn't give it much thought though; the scenery has been pretty spectacular for the whole journey, turning from balmy warmth in France to snow and frigid air as they climb the mountains in Switzerland.

It's been a nice day. He's even let Fi drive for half of it. Still, he's pretty glad to pull up in front of their cabin. It's part of an exclusive resort, about half a mile above a picture-postcard village and secluded by the presence of towering pine trees around three sides of it. He grins as they walk into the warmth; everything's wood and fur rugs and a blazing open fire. One wall is mostly glass, huge doors opening out onto a balcony (and an outdoor hot tub) that overlooks a ski slope down to the edge of the houses and hotels.

'Not bad.'


Dec. 5th, 2008 10:19 pm
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His obligations, for the time being, are over. He can do whatever he wants. So he just drives for a bit, away from built up areas. Really, he's not bothered what comes next which is why he turns to Mary Anne and says,

'Where to then?'
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It's mid-morning when they finally make it back. They're filthy and pissed off and obviously haven't enjoyed their 'orienteering exercise'. But more than that, they seem determined...well, Rafael does anyway. Raul just looks resigned. He still follows his older brother though, as they avoid the front door and instead head for the back, where the guns are kept.

* * *

Normally, he'd have been awake about four hours by mid-morning. This weekend though, lying in bed has become appealing. Not just for the obvious reasons but also because sleeping has turned out to be a really nice thing. Which is what he's doing, one arm casually hung over Mary Anne's waist, as the bedroom door edges open, pushed by the barrel of a shotgun.

One thing Rafael seems to be naturally good at is stealth. He makes virtually no noise as he crosses the room, holding the gun steady in two hands, just like he was shown.
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It is unbelievably nice not to have them around. He'd forgotten how much work kids take. Not having them here, if only for a couple of days, feels like getting out of prison. He should know.

His internal euphoria takes an uneasy edge when he thinks about Mary Anne. At some point, he thinks, they'll have to have a conversation. But there's no rush; he's in no hurry to get back to the Bar. So for now he just bounces in through the door, gets dinner (bag of chips and a beer), takes a shower and flakes out in front of a movie. He figures she should be back soon...but that doesn't stop him falling asleep.

...what? The movie's in French, he can't be expected to stay interested in it.
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He wakes early. He's disorientated at first when he finds his arm round a warm body but it doesn't take long for it to all come flooding back. When he does, he finds he doesn't mind the idea of it at all. Yes, it's weird but that doesn't always mean bad.

She looks different when she sleeps. Like her age, not someone who has been through a war and all sorts of other shit. He doesn't want to wake her so he just lies there with her, watching her face.


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