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It's five minutes to midnight and he's sitting in the dark, still flipping that card between his fingers. He's doing nothing but hearing the seconds tick by in his head.

He could, of course, just use the card himself. But that's not the point, is it? He doesn't even know if Random has remembered. Hell, it's probably a completely different date in Amber. It's not like that place follows any rules where time is concerned.

Three minutes to midnight.


He can admit to himself that this is a test. And also that it's stupid and he should just stop flipping the card, contact him and say, Hey baby. Know what day it is here...? But he's proud and dumb and he knows it.


The card stops for the first time in hours. He turns it to face him and sees its moving, feels how cold it is, hears Random's voice.

'Happy Anniversary, lover. Did you think I forgot?'

He laughs and calls himself an idiot. A hand reaches through and he takes it, grinning, lighter than air as he disappears from the room, back where everything is perfect.
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'Ramon? Baby? It's been a month for me.'


A hand extends from the card and Ramon grasps it gladly, laughs when he finds his arms suddenly full of blonde.

'Missed you.'

'You too.'

+ + +

A couple of hours later, Random is sitting up in bed and tutting. Ramon thinks it's very unfair that he should be doing this so pointedly, especially as he was just dozing off nicely there.

'What have you been doing with the place? It's a mess.'

'The cleaning company'll take care of it. I still have them come once a week.'

'You didn't answer my question.'

It's been a long time since he's been able to get anything past Random.

'Just came to blow off some steam.'

'...why? Are you about to do'

'I could take offence at that, you know.'

'You could. But you won't. I didn't say I minded.'

Ramon thinks that of course Random doesn't mind anymore because he's not around to deal with the consequences.

'Someone pissed me off.'

'Everyone pisses you off, baby.'

'More than usual.' He sighs and lights a cigarette...then another one, five seconds later. Random will never not be a thief. 'She knew about me and you and she threw it in my face.'


Random knows very well how that sort of thing usually goes down. He's never been able to get it through Ramon's head that just laughing about it or throwing innuendo right back usually works a lot better. He's a lot better at games than Ramon'll ever be. Patience born of being an immortal prince with a psychotic father.

'She must be stupid.'

'No. Arrogant. Likes to play games.'

'Sounds like the type you normally fight with. Are you going to kill her?'



'...ah.' Random knows what that means. If he doesn't want to kill people who piss him off, he's fucking them. 'Promise me you' know.'

His eyes are green and worried and Ramon immediately throws his cigarette away and kisses him.

'No need to worry. You know I have no patience. She'll either learn or she won't.'

And that's what it comes down to. He puts it out of his head and focuses on what he's doing, which is reassure the only really important person in his life, the best way he knows how.
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Ramon would never admit this to anyone but Random - not even himself, really - but this has been the longest week of his life, bar none. It's bad enough when Random's away but when he's gone away to Amber...well, that's a whole different level of worry to deal with.

So, he's dealing with it the way he usually deals with anything difficult - he works. It's early evening now and he's gone to Haven to get some peace and quiet, but he's still tapping away at his laptop at the kitchen table. Martin's in the living room, playing silently with some things he'd brought in from the garden earlier. Another thing Ramon would probably never admit, to anyone, is that having the boy around for the last week has actually been a comfort. Because Random will fight tooth and nail to come back to that little boy, no matter what, and it helps to keep that in mind. He has to believe that Random will keep himself safe while he's away, if only for his son. And for him too, he hopes.

He has no idea where his lover is, what he's doing, what he's going through, when he'll be back. Ramon hates the lack of control so he's trying not to think about it. And, above all, he wont let himself entertain the possibility that Random might not make it back at all.
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As all the world knows, Ramon is a terrible cook. Just awful. He burns cereal, that sort of bad.

But! He's also an early morning person and Random is not so it kind of makes sense to him that he should be the one to attempt the anniversary breakfast in bed. Martin wisely adds milk to his own cornflakes and goes to his room to play when asked, while Ramon takes up a tray of...foodstuffs. Its the most that can be said for them really, though in another lifetime, they may have been pancakes and toast.

Oh well. At least the coffee's good.
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Ramon is quiet when he walks into the house. He feels like he's done something wrong, even though he technically hasn't. Not wrong in that he toyed with Mary Anne a bit to get her to tell the truth for once - wrong because the conversation happened at all. Knowing how hurt Random was after he'd kissed her, it feels slightly off for him to talk to her about the situation. Almost as if he's been unfaithful, somehow, especially given that she showed him what might have been.

But he hasn't, and wouldn't - but he still feels the need to tell Random what happened. In a minute though. Right now, he's just leaning his back against the front door and pausing to try and get some of the tension out of him. He has a vague notion that something might just snap if the day carries on like this.
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It's morning and its cold outside, but that hasn't stopped Ramon from being out of bed for the last half hour, wearing only grey sweatpants and smoking at the window. Yes, it's freezing but he just doesn't care. He has to do something while the coffee's brewing, after all, and working out how to make a nice breakfast. It'll be cereal and toast in a few minutes, because all other attempts have failed.

A tone downstairs and he knows he should move to get the coffee while it's hot. But instead he turns and watches Random sleeping, blond hair on the pillow and a face that appears peaceful, even though it still seems, to him, to be tired.

I'm so sorry.

He can never say it enough. Can't stand that he's hurt this man and that he can't seem to get through to him that...well, anything. That its not his fault, that he's not to blame. What else can he say though? Nothing, which is why he's enjoying the silence of the morning and the peace of being able to watch him now, reach down and touch his head and smooth away hair from his forehead.

It's all he allows himself before heading downstairs. Cereal and toast it is but at least the coffee's good. A trip to Martin's room with breakfast as well, and a few words that hold a promise for later in the day if he'll just stay quiet and play on his own for now. The boy does what he's told when pai speaks and so, he's heading upstairs with a tray and a thousand words that all say 'sorry'.

The tray is put down on Random's side of the bed and he takes his clothes off, skin icy cold but he can't stop himself wriggling into the side of his lover, partly for warmth but mostly for proximity, so he can wrap his arms around him and lean his head against his shoulder and wish that things could be different.
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Ramon has had an interesting evening, to say the least. Women everywhere! And grass and drink and chocolate...that stuff really is great. He's eating another bar now, as he slips through the door with his head full of plans to jump in his car and cruise around town for a while, looking for something interesting to fight.

But he's in a house instead, and its quiet and something tells him his BMW isn't here. Hmmm. What to do? He'll decide once he's finished his candy.

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Oct. 14th, 2006 01:28 pm
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Millitimed to after the conversation with future!Mary Anne...

Ramon swings open the door to Haven and if he were the type to bound in then...he would. But he isn't, so he just closes it quietly after him and calls out,


with a huge grin on his face. He's hoping he hasn't disappeared off to work or out with Martin or something. He has to talk to him and the sooner the better.
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Ramon slips back through the front door on Haven, in two minds as to what to do now. Wake Random up and tell him straight away, or let him sleep? It's late but he'd want to the same time, the news isn't that brilliant. It's not as though Martin likes either one of them any better.

He decides to let him sleep because he needs it, so he's quiet as he heads to the kitchen to make a coffee. He'll check on him in a few minutes.
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It's been hours since Random's quiet message. Hours. And he'd said nothing more than he was going to the studio for a while and not to wait up. That was almost a full day ago and there's been nothing since. Ramon's regretting the promise he made to stay away from there. Just a little, but still. He knows he got that place for Random alone but that's not the point. He's worried.

There's nothing he can do but wait. So now he's sitting on the sofa in near-darkness, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other. Random has to come home sometime.
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It's taken him a few days to find what he wanted but that's OK. He has it now and that's the important thing. He's been waiting for the right time and this is the perfect day - they're alone on Haven but stuck indoors because it's pouring rain outside and blowing a gale against the windows. He can think of nothing better than spending the afternoon inside with Random, not doing much of anything.

So he goes in search of him and locates him in the kitchen. Arms are immediately wrapped round his waist from behind and he rests his chin on his shoulder comfortably.

'What're you doing?'
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The studio had been nice and it's easy to sleep anywhere when you're with someone you care about. Still, it's nice to be home and be able to clean up properly. Ramon's heading to the bathroom to shower and shave, his thoughts turning towards coffee and lazing about - maybe doing a bit of paperwork later, maybe not. He's tired, but happily so. He wouldn't have thought it possible, so soon after their seperation, for he and Random to settle back into such a rhythm. He's not complaining, obviously. It's nice to be able to believe that the time spent apart hasn't damaged them as badly as he feared it might.

Which isn't to say things are perfect. For example, while it's nice to spend all their time in bed (if exhausting), Ramon can't pretend to himself that it's simply a matter of lust. But it doesn't matter. They're not going to be apart again. He knows it, and that's good enough for him.

Something feels a little off today though, but he can't put his finger on what. Maybe it's just that the hot weather on Haven has broken a little and the green sky outside is a touch overcast. Still, it niggles at him and continues to do so as he takes a hot shower, then a cold one to wake himself up. Ten minutes later, he's wearing only jeans and standing in front of the bathroom mirror, shaving carefully. And that's when he notices what's different.

It's a ring.

He's wearing a ring.

He'd always worn one, actually, until he was put in prison. But this is not a gold one with a black stone, worn on the little finger of his right hand. No, this is quite different.

This is a

(wedding ring)

thin gold band, and it's on the fourth finger of his left hand.

He's frozen in place for minutes. Literally minutes. And then he...well, he swallows, and notices that even under the shaving foam and his tan, his face is a little white. But he finishes what he's doing because he can't cope with this situation with half a stubbly face. He needs time to think.

I'm wearing a wedding ring.

...why the hell didn't he tell me?

Because there's only one person it could have come from, of course. This is not the same ring he wore briefly when he was officially married. That had been large, thick. Practically a signet ring. But this one is thin, gold, understated.

He finishes what he's doing, managing to cut himself rather spectacularly in the process because he can't take his eyes off the thing.


But it's OK, really. Because, for whatever reason, Random's given him a ring that'll tell the world he's off the market. And he doesn't mind at all.

He's smiling as he leaves the bathroom, holding a wad of tissue to his chin. With his right hand, because he's still looking at his left. It almost feels heavier, now he's noticed it - but a good way. He toys at it with his thumb, twisting it, getting used to it. Because he's not taking it off.

Not ever.

OOM: 9218

Aug. 1st, 2006 09:33 pm
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The ranch in Texorami is big. All Ramon’s houses are big, and this one is no different. He’s been renovating it a bit at a time so it’s more to his liking – he’s not living there, so the builders aren't an inconvenience to him.

In addition to the sprawling farmhouse, there are countless outhouses – stables, feed stores, barns and the like. And cottages too, for staff or family of previous owners. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He’s just been wondering how best to utilize them all because he doesn’t like wasted space.

One in particular had seemed to be no use at all. It’s set back off the main driveway on its own, half surrounded by trees. He was almost going to leave it alone or turn it into a hidden guardhouse – but when Random went away, an idea had occurred to him and never left. He’d held on to certain things when Random had gone – they’d helped reassure him that the man was coming back.

So about two weeks ago, he’d sent builders in. And now he’s walking around it alone, hoping it’ll be good enough.

Rooms have been knocked together to create one large space; the walls are painted white and windows left bare for furnishings to be added later. The whole place is bare in fact, apart from one wall that’s taken over by a huge walk-in closet. It’s practically another room in itself. Ramon opens the doors now and looks at things he’ll never understand. The whole thing is a mystery to him, but he hopes Random will like it.

His idea had been to give Random space. He does realise, sometimes, that he’s not exactly easy on their relationship. He gets jealous and moody and can’t let things lie – it’s not easy, living with him. So he’d hit on this - a place where Random can come and be on his own, take a break and get away from everything. Do the things he enjoys without interruption. This is why the closet is full to the brim of art supplies and materials. The best that money can buy, naturally – acrylics and watercolours and pastels and oils and brushes and markers and crayons and pencils - everything. All stacked up neatly under a pile of different papers and canvases that probably emptied half a forest to make. Ramon doesn’t do things by halves. There’s a large easel set up by one of the windows – the entire side of the house is windows now, looking out over fields and space and the cliffs in the distance that roll down to the sea. Everything he needs, he hopes.

He shuts the doors and wanders off to the side, where there’s a small kitchen, with fridge and sink where he can keep some food and drinks and wash up all his materials if he wants to. White again – Ramon had specifically asked that it be kept bare, so that Random can do what he wants with it. And there are stairs to the side, running up to a converted attic. In that room, there’s a drum kit. A drum kit that practically is the room, because it’s one of those 64-piece ones, with cymbals hanging from above and all around and floor drums that surround the person that's sitting in the middle and playing. There’s a rack that’s full of sticks – because drummers do tend to get through them, he’s learnt from the club – and brushes and the big thick padded things that he doesn’t know the name for, for making big booming crashes. It all looks to be in order.

A knock at the door comes and he goes back downstairs to answer it. Caterers, carrying baskets and cushions and he lets them in silently. They’re setting up dinner on the floor of what is now a studio. The place is empty, but they’d promised they’d make it intimate and warm enough for an evening, before Random chooses furniture to put in.

He wait for them do it, supervising by silence. It doesn’t take long and he glances at his watch. He doubts the man will be much longer, but if he is, he is. It’s his birthday, he can do what he wants. Martin’s in the farmhouse, out of the way. A woman’s cooking there and is teaching him some things – for a price, naturally, but the kid doesn’t care. He seems happy. So Ramon goes to wait in his office, trusting that Random will find him when he’s ready.
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The rest of Random's first day home had been spent with Martin, for the most part. Ramon had avoided any more talking about their time apart as much as he could, because he didn't think Random wanted to talk about it and couldn't think of anything to ask him that wasn't a question. So he'd kept things easy, insisted that Random sleep again last night, because he needs it.

And now, another morning has gone. Ramon's making sandwiches for lunch, because it's about the only thing he can make. And wondering how long it's going to be before they get back to somewhere approaching normal.
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He's beginning to think this will go on forever. It's become a habit - for the first time in his life - to go back to bed after having fed Martin and dressed him. The baby's in his room now, playing with his toys in his playpen.

And Ramon's lying on his side, in sweats and a T-shirt, staring at the wall and thinking of nothing at all.
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He wishes he could say it's nice to be back. Truth is, he's never dreaded coming home more.

Random's with Martin, putting the child down for a nap after he'd been very happy to see his daddy again. And saying goodbye, presumably.

Ramon has no intention of intruding. He just waits in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and watching the coffee percolate amid a cloud of cigarette smoke. And trying to stop himself thinking that this is it. Random's really going.
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Ramon is so glad to get out of the museum because there's only so much culture a man can take, especially when you can't draw attention by exhibiting 'inappropriate' behaviour. Dinner's booked at an upmarket resturant a couple of miles away and he's quiet for most of the ride over. Just takes Random's hand in the back of the darkened limo and watches the city go by.
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So, it hasn't been the best vacation so far. It had had potential, and then it had sucked. But Ramon is determined that the time away isn't going to be a complete waste - and he's rather good at sweeping emotion under the rug and ignoring it, when he wants to.

And so, the sight in their dingy little motel room is rather innocuous. The place is more used to seeing hookers and junkies - but tonight, it gets two men getting ready to go out and dressing in tuxedos.

If the good mood is a little forced, then Ramon hopes it'll be better once they're out. Is determined to try.

'Nearly ready?'


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