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He knew that when he left the bar, there'd be no space to get used to being back again. He's literally walked through one door and out another, into the darkness of a Mexican night in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by people. It takes a great effort not to look behind him, back into the barn where his brother's corpse lies. He knows it'd be the last look he ever got at Hector but he resists the urge, just stalks straight to the waiting SUV, rubbing a hand down his jaw as he tries to predict how this is going to go. He wants to focus but...shit, he's home. Or as near as. Less than an hour and this'll be over.

Bauer gets into the car behind him. He ignores him, but it's hard not to say anything and even harder not to just take his gun and shoot him in the face right now. But there's no point taking the risk when he still might need him before this deal is he does nothing as the car pulls away, just wonders whether Mary Anne is in place and hopes this all ends the way it should, rather than the way he was once told it will.


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