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It's been hours since Random's quiet message. Hours. And he'd said nothing more than he was going to the studio for a while and not to wait up. That was almost a full day ago and there's been nothing since. Ramon's regretting the promise he made to stay away from there. Just a little, but still. He knows he got that place for Random alone but that's not the point. He's worried.

There's nothing he can do but wait. So now he's sitting on the sofa in near-darkness, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other. Random has to come home sometime.
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He's been to his room. Looked round the bar, tried looking for Raina. No joy. So he heads outside, smoking a cigar and keeping his eyes open. He has to find him, even though he's not looking forward to the conversation. But things have gone too far now and it's time to swallow his pride.
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From here...

Ramon feels just a little light-headed as he opens the door to the house in Portugal. Probably just his body getting used to having blood again after losing a few pints. Or maybe it's just shock...but it doesn't matter, because the only thing he wants now is a drink, regardless of whether he should or not.

And one other thing. There's something he needs to see, though he'll never admit it. It can wait a few minutes anyway because he needs to get the blood off his hands first...and he's pretty sure that Mary Anne wouldn't mind a drink either.

'Still like tequila?'
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Try and be a parent, Random had said. It's another thing that makes Ramon want to hit something, because Random knew very well that he wasn't going to refuse him anything just before he walked out of the door.

So he's taken him down to the beach. It's morning and warm and the kid always seems to like it when it's like this. So, that's what they're doing.
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Ramon's got something on his mind. It's been on his mind for a while, if he's honest, but the events of the day have pushed it to the front of his mind somewhat and now he really wants to talk to Random about it.

But first - showering and changing after his impromptu dunking in the ocean. And Random's busy with Martin for a while so he just goes to lounge on the sofa, fiddling with his lighter and staring at nothing while his mind turns things over.
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Ramon's more than happy to disappear while Arithon and Random do their thing with magic and souls. He's a little less comfortable with having to entertain a kid while they do so.

Hmmm. Beach. There's a lot of sand. He has no blanket to put the kid on and has the vague notion that putting him down without one would be Frowned Upon. Also, how does one put sunscreen on a baby that's wearing clothes anyway.

Ramon does the sensible thing. He stands and...flails waits for a solution to present itself.
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A late night conversation )
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Ramon's a bit nervous about this visit. Not only because of the conversation with Dworkin, but the 'little visitor' that had been promised in the last letter. Still, he gets to see Random again and that's worth anything.

So, here he his. Late at night, tired but happy with anticipation. He can't keep his mind off the Trump in his pocket.
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The morning had taken quite some sleeping off. But at least it was good sleep, comfortable and close. Ramon had woken up after a few hours, ravenous and dying for a coffee, so he'd come downstairs to try and put something together.

Needless to say, attempts are going badly. But he's got a door into the bar now, so if he burns this batch of toast as well, he'll be wandering through to let her provide. At the moment he's just watching the toaster and wondering where he's going wrong, while hoping Random doesn't wake up in the meantime.
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Ramon's back at the house, putting together a sandwich in the kitchen and waiting for the coffee to be ready. The fire's lit and he's been lounging around with a book - he's happy enough, thinking that maybe things for Random are on the up again after the conversation at the bar this afternoon.
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Ramon, as promised, has waited up for Random. He's in bed and reading but still very much awake.

Which is good, because when Random staggers in it looks like he needs someone to talk to. Desperately.



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