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He has no idea how long he slept for. or what time it is. He just knows that it's hot, he immediately wants a shower and there's a considerable amount of pain if he so much as breathes, let alone moves.

That's OK though, he can handle that. There are ways of coping with that. But the conversation with Random last night comes flooding back and that's a whole other story. He has no idea what caused that reaction, or how to make it better but knows that he can only do it by talking to him.

He doesn't appear to be in the bed though, and that's not a good sign.
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This hurts more than he wants to admit. More than he will admit - and it's for this reason that he considers not going home at all for a day or two. Let the worst of the swelling go down, hope that it would stop hurting to breathe, clean up the cuts opened by Jack's fists.

Wait for his hands to stop shaking because of what the witch had done.

But that's not fair to Random - two days in the bar is almost a week in Portugal. And besides, he doesn't want him finding out from anyone else.

So he eases his way back through the door that has obligingly opened to their home, hoping to get upstairs to the bathroom before Random sees him.
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The Malfoy woman has been in the cells for four days and so, Ramon is once more watching Angela. If he's honest with himself, he's a little pissed off about letting her go. He can't help entertaining the thought that it might be nice to just shove a corpse back through the door to the bar. That's what usually happens in situations like this.

Not worth it. He's been constantly reminding himself of that for the last two days. It's worked well enough - and now he's just waiting. The spiked drink he'd given her a couple of hours ago contained rohypnol and he'd dropped a mild valium in there as well. He wants her nowhere near coherent or thinking straight when he goes in there to get her.

He's watching now to see that she's properly gone. As soon as he's sure, she'll be going home. Or the bar anyway.


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