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Ramon finds it hard to stand still a lot of the time but right now, he is. He's just staring out over the lake, smoking and waiting for Gorlim.

He doesn't owe the man any explanations. But he likes him, he's a friend, and there's no reason not to tell him the truth. Besides, a walk might help.
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Ramon's out by the lake, despite it being early. There had been no sleep and he got Random to let him into the bar as soon as the sun came up. So he's out there, sitting on a rock - coincidentally, the same one he'd been sitting on when Arithon came to find him after the Valar duel. Just like then, he's smoking and the smoke hangs in the still air while he stares out over the water.
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Ramon's waiting around by the stables, smoking a cigarette and trying to keep warm. The animal had arrived an hour ago and he'd stayed with it to make sure it wasn't freaked - which it was, because rides through Shadow tend to do that to a creature.

Still, he's settled down now and Ramon's just waiting for Gorlim to show up so he can introduce him to his Christmas present.

Bastard's late.
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Ramon's been a little busy, recently. There's been some interest, from a certain party, in the product that made him very rich and very powerful.

So while Random's otherwise occupied, Ramon's in their old room in the bar, taking the chance to cut some more from his pure supply.

He works fast. He's good at this sort of thing.
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He's alone again and doesn't like it. After a month of being in the cell, he's tired of solitude. Random has just slipped out to get something to eat, he knows he wont be long. But still, in the meantime, he sits and tries not to let the walls close in.

All the same, he's not that happy about the knock on the door. It could be anyone and he doesn't exactly have a lot of friends around this place. So for a moment, he just looks up and doesn't move.


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