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When he woke up this morning, it was just like any other morning. Up, bathroom, shower, teeth, hair, clothes, breakfast. All normal...except the bit where he looked in the bathroom cabinet for a fresh razor and it opened too fast and smacked him in the mouth. No harm done, apart from a small cut on his upper lip that bleeds like a bitch for ten seconds, then stops. Whatever.

He goes to breakfast. Normal normal. Except the bit where he picks up his coffee with his left hand and a pain sears through it and causes him to spill the entire contents down his shirt.

Seriously, what the fuck?

He sighs and goes upstairs to change. That's when he gets it - suddenly the only clothes in his closet are black pants, a dark striped shirt and heavy black overcoat. There's dust on the hems of the pants and in the bathroom, a slightly frayed fabric band-aid waits on the sink.

He has to laugh at Bar's subtlety. It's fine though - he inspects the small cut and it looks exactly the same as when he got it back home. The band-aid fits the same. The clothes make it feel like he never left.

And that's it. Time to go. There are times when he knows how to take a hint and this is one he's more than happy to oblige.
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He knew that when he left the bar, there'd be no space to get used to being back again. He's literally walked through one door and out another, into the darkness of a Mexican night in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by people. It takes a great effort not to look behind him, back into the barn where his brother's corpse lies. He knows it'd be the last look he ever got at Hector but he resists the urge, just stalks straight to the waiting SUV, rubbing a hand down his jaw as he tries to predict how this is going to go. He wants to focus but...shit, he's home. Or as near as. Less than an hour and this'll be over.

Bauer gets into the car behind him. He ignores him, but it's hard not to say anything and even harder not to just take his gun and shoot him in the face right now. But there's no point taking the risk when he still might need him before this deal is he does nothing as the car pulls away, just wonders whether Mary Anne is in place and hopes this all ends the way it should, rather than the way he was once told it will.
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Since his last conversation with Mary Anne, something has changed. It's like...admitting he wanted to go home made it impossible to think of anything else. He's been running over everything he knows in his head, planning strategies (not just for the deal but for after, when he's won), escape routes, ways to kill Jack, what to do with the virus, ways to kill Jack, what it'll be like being home, ways to kill Jack.

There comes a point though, when you can't look at maps any more, or argue with yourself about how things will go. Waiting sucks but he has no choice for the next few days; he can, however, finalise things with Mary Anne.

Which is why he left a note at the bar, asking her to come up, and why he's waiting for her now.
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- When Amador leaves the deal, he goes only 3k before Delta 3 pick him up. He's tracked by his cell signal the whole way; MA will have very little time to take him out before Delta 3 get to him. No visual satellite of the area so she won't be seen. Recommend motorbike to get to the high ground above the road, sniper to take him and his driver out. Break his cell phone, search his clothes (virus in inside jacket pocket), take his Hummer and go pick up Ramon. Must avoid/fight Delta teams in the area, at least until picked Ramon up.


- Let the deal go down as in canon. Also as in canon, pull a gun on Jack and mean to kill him as soon as the vial is in his hands (could do it before but would be seen and heard by Amador, who isn't supposed to know he's there). As canon, Chase Edmunds will shoot him through the shoulder/upper right-hand side of chest. This is the point where the Delta teams are on their way and Ramon makes a run for it. In canon, they're following the virus as their first priority and Ramon second - unlike canon, he won't take the fake vial with him, thereby ensuring that it can't blow up and kill him. Because of this, there will be less men following him as some will stay behind to check out the vial. He'll run north to the river (pursued by Jack, Chase and six Delta Squadron members) and just keep going until MA picks him up.

General notes

-Need MA to have cell phone - Ramon has plenty of opportunities to call her and tell her where they are while they're waiting for Amador to set up the location of the deal. She'll have around an hour to get into place, scout the location and find a good vantage point to view proceedings before the main players arrive. There are six Delta teams in the area (between 20-30 men); when they're in position they are 90 seconds away. There's at least one helicopter (Ramon and MA will be unable to avoid being spotted by it). Ramon has about fifteen people with him, the helicopter blows up some stuff as it comes in so there's a lot of confusion and noise.

Basic overview

- MA takes out Amador and recovers the virus about 1/1.5k from where the deal went down. Delta 3 are following him as soon as he leaves the mine, so she'll have to navigate around them.

- Ramon takes the fake virus, is stopped from shooting Jack by taking a bullet to the shoulder/chest, makes a run north, MA picks him up in Hummer. They'll have very little time to escape without being seen or caught/shot but enough so that it's plausible.


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