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In the kitchen, there’s a note for Arithon and Bianca.

Make yourselves at home, treat it as if it’s yours. We won’t disturb you – if we need anything we’ve forgotten, we’ll Trump you first before coming back. Help yourselves to any drink you want – there’s probably not much food in but only because we don’t cook. The door to the bar is usually the front door, it hasn’t let us down yet. Bar’s good at providing groceries but if there’s anything particular you want, Trump us in Portugal and we’ll bring it through from Earth.

Have a good time and make the most of the solitude!

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Ramon's more than happy to disappear while Arithon and Random do their thing with magic and souls. He's a little less comfortable with having to entertain a kid while they do so.

Hmmm. Beach. There's a lot of sand. He has no blanket to put the kid on and has the vague notion that putting him down without one would be Frowned Upon. Also, how does one put sunscreen on a baby that's wearing clothes anyway.

Ramon does the sensible thing. He stands and...flails waits for a solution to present itself.
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He's alone again and doesn't like it. After a month of being in the cell, he's tired of solitude. Random has just slipped out to get something to eat, he knows he wont be long. But still, in the meantime, he sits and tries not to let the walls close in.

All the same, he's not that happy about the knock on the door. It could be anyone and he doesn't exactly have a lot of friends around this place. So for a moment, he just looks up and doesn't move.


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