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Desription of Haven )

In the kitchen, there’s a note for Arithon and Bianca.

Make yourselves at home, treat it as if it’s yours. We won’t disturb you – if we need anything we’ve forgotten, we’ll Trump you first before coming back. Help yourselves to any drink you want – there’s probably not much food in but only because we don’t cook. The door to the bar is usually the front door, it hasn’t let us down yet. Bar’s good at providing groceries but if there’s anything particular you want, Trump us in Portugal and we’ll bring it through from Earth.

Have a good time and make the most of the solitude!

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He hates that he's left Random sleeping alone, but he can't cope with the proximity at the moment. And much like the last few nights, he can't sleep either, there's too much going on in his head. It occurs to him that he'd like to talk to someone that might have a somewhat objective viewpoint...but that means bothering Arithon, as he's the only one that he'd trust with this stuff.

It's late though. He sits downstairs in sweatpants and T-shirt, chain-smoking and with a bottle of scotch on the table. He's not touched it yet but he wants to. God, he'd give anything to just get slaughtered right now.

And eventually, when the night's late enough to be classed as early morning, he gives in to the urge to talk. There's things he needs to tell the man anyway. He just feels like a shit for bugging him at this time of the morning, and when he's got a new wife to care for.

But he can't help himself. He reaches for Random's jacket and locates the Trump, making contact with his brother.

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Ramon's out by the lake, despite it being early. There had been no sleep and he got Random to let him into the bar as soon as the sun came up. So he's out there, sitting on a rock - coincidentally, the same one he'd been sitting on when Arithon came to find him after the Valar duel. Just like then, he's smoking and the smoke hangs in the still air while he stares out over the water.
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Directly after this.

Ramon reaches blindly for his Tarot card, trying to will Random to hurry and make contact. As soon as he does he babbles out, 'RANDOM! Get me home! Need to talk to you!'
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Ramon has been curse free for about an hour. And he's spent it here of all places. He looks around the clearing, trying to remember why he'd come here at all - he knows he hadn't been in his right mind. But it's fitting actually - he'd passed out with exhaustion and stress and in so much pain... and now he's awake, and here...and free.

The first ten minutes has been spent with his head back on a rock, grinning in blessed relief. He'd forgotten what it was like to just be easy in his head again. He'd started trying to sort through it all...and then given up, because he needs distance first, and sleep, and food and...Random.


His heart sinks - but he knows the man won't be in their room. He fingers the tarot cards in his pocket, thinking over how they had helped to set him free, and knows that he has to find him. But he has no idea how. He doesn't know which card the guy had snatched up.

So for a while longer, he just sits, trying to figure out what he's supposed to do now.
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His mind is blank as he watches the bar from a distance. Nothing unusual. He's safe.

He turns back to the clearing, thinking of nothing. Because it's almost over now, and he knows it. Arithon won't last much longer. His mind is calm and he knows what he has to do - there's something in him that tells him that he won't get everything he wants out of his victim.

But if nothing else, he'll get to choose the time and manner in which Arithon dies. That's something the man can't keep from him, as he's kept almost everything else so far.

His walk is calm as he enters the space that is his now, so's hard to remember a time when he wasn't here and wasn't doing this. And he doesn't hesitate, just walks over and places his boot on Arithon's shattered knee. And presses down.

'Ready for more?'


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