OOM: Awake

May. 31st, 2006 06:05 pm
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It's one of what my people refer to as the Unforgiveable Curses. The Cruciatus. No injuries, no wounds, just pain.

She was right. That's all it gave him, just pain. And for that, he's grateful. Pain can be dealt with, and forgotten - especially by someone like him. Someone who doesn't dwell on things like that because they'll never be afraid of physical abuse. He's taken a lot of hits in his life but as long as he gives more in return, he's OK with it. It's part of who he is. And he likes who he is. The Cruciatus curse isn't why he's awake right now.

Imperio! Now, just tell me who Random is and tell Mr. Bauer what you did to his granddaughter, and it will be over.

He doesn't know what the hell Imperio means, she hadn't explained it. He's going to find out, but that's not the point. He'd resisted most of it. Said enough, but not everything. So Bauer knew he'd taken Angela - big deal. He'd known that when it had happened, pretty much. And Ramon will take a beating over cell time any day of the week.

How long do you think you could last against that compulsion if I put it on you again and left it?

He'd resisted as much as he could. Told her Random's name, though she could have found that out from anyone. That's not the point. Sort of confessed to what he'd done to Angela - said enough anyway. But he hadn't talked about Random; and in the end, it didn't matter. Because she knew about him and

Even kill people they love...

she'd threatened him and this is the first time that anything he's done could actually lose him his lover. Even after the thing with Arithon, no one had had anything against Random apart from questioning his choice in partners. But this

If you ever even look at my family again in a manner that displeases me, your Random won't know what hit him. And it might not even be you. After all, I have a whole bar full of people to choose from.

is something else, and he can't bear the thought that Random might no longer be safe. Because how can either of them look out for any random stranger in a bar that might want to kill him? It's impossible.

And this is why Ramon is downstairs tonight, lying on the sofa in darkness and not wanting to go to bed. Because he hasn't told Random yet and doesn't even know where to begin.
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It's a little easier to breathe now and the minor things are healing up nicely. He's lowered his doseage of pills and everything seems to be going along well.

He wishes he could say the same about he and Random. There hasn't seemed to be anything overtly wrong since that last talk about it they'd had - but it's all the worse for that. Things are awkward and they never usually are. There's distance, and Random's quiet and they're not talking like they usually do.

Ramon hates it. He doesn't like feeling uncomfortable with him but he does. He has the impression that he's supposed to do or say something to make it better, but he has no idea what.

So he does what he usually does in these situations. He waits until they go to bed that night and pulls Random close, starts stroking through his hair.

'You OK, baby?'
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He has no idea how long he slept for. or what time it is. He just knows that it's hot, he immediately wants a shower and there's a considerable amount of pain if he so much as breathes, let alone moves.

That's OK though, he can handle that. There are ways of coping with that. But the conversation with Random last night comes flooding back and that's a whole other story. He has no idea what caused that reaction, or how to make it better but knows that he can only do it by talking to him.

He doesn't appear to be in the bed though, and that's not a good sign.


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