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When he first enters the room, he's surprised to see that it's obviously been used. He was expecting this to be like a hotel, with everything new for the next person. Still, he approves of the furnishings, though it's a little smaller than he would have liked and not done in the sort of style common in 1979. Which is to say, it's furnished with taste, style and obviously expensive.

He heads into the bathroom to shower. There are bottles of shampoo and cologne, all expensive enough to be even out of his price range. They smell good though, so he uses them liberally. Wandering back out to the main room, he opens the wardrobe and looks at the clothes. Again, tasteful and expensive. He tries a shirt on and it fits around the shoulders but is too loose at the waist and the pants just fall off him. Exasperated, he turns back to pick up his original jeans...and that's when he sees the pictures.

At first, he thinks they're of his dad. Would his father know about this place? If so, why would he never mention it? He picks one up and...there's another man in them. And his father...doesn't look like his father. Not quite. There are similarities but not enough for them to be the same man.

The picture falls from his fingers and breaks on the floor. What did those people say? The doctor, and Teja. They knew me.

Older. They said they knew me older.

He yanks his boots on with shaking hands and bolts from the room, still shirtless and with damp hair.

What the fuck is going on?!
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