Sep. 30th, 2009

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Some people might be disappointed to learn that Ramon, generally, has no problems sleeping at night. They might think he deserves sleepness nights and bad dreams and everything else that should come from an uneasy subconscious. But no. No matter what he's done on any given day, he tends to go out like a light and wake up about six hours later, feeling good and ready to go again.

The exception to this comes mainly in Milliways and even not very often here. But when it does, it tends to mean one thing - that whatever happened to cause it is something serious, and it'll need to be rectified at some later date.

Right now, Ramon's cold. Even with a quilt and Fi nearby, he's cold and that's because there's a sweat all over him that's making him freeze. He can't move. He's shaking with the effort of trying to break out of the wood that's locking him in but he's got branches for limbs and his body is just a solid trunk and no matter how loud he yells in the depths of his mind, no one can hear a sound he makes.

As nightmares go, this might well make his top three.


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